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Publications arising from the project have appeared in a number of peer-reviewed publications and conferences. See the publications page for detailed information. We present a selection below.

Journal of Web Semantics

The Journal of Web Semantics is a new peer-reviewed journal covering developments in the Semantic Web. The first issue included a paper describing some of the background to the definition of the new Web Ontology Language OWL.

World Wide Web Conference

The World Wide Web Conference is one of the leading arenas for presentation of work relating to the Web. It includes a track dedicated to the Semantic Web.

WWW2003, held in Budapest, accepted 77 papers from 602 submitted. This acceptance rate of 12.8% makes it one of the most competitive conferences in the area. The WonderWeb project presented 5 papers at the main conference and one at the alternate Track.

Ian Horrocks was chair of the Semantic Web Track at WWW2003 and several other project members served on the Program Committee.

WWW2004, held in New York in June 2004, was similarly competitive, with 74 papers accepted from 506 submissions (14.6%). The WonderWeb project presented 3 papers in New York, along with representation on panel discussions and presentations at the developers day.

Steffen Staab was deputy chair of the Semantic Web Track at WWW2004 and several other project members served on the Program Committee.

International Semantic Web Conference

The International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) has quickly established itself as a key forum for the presentation of research relating to the Semantic Web. It includes a track for industrial papers, targeted specifically at the use of SW technology within industry.

ISWC2003, the Second Internation Semantic Web Conference, was held in Florida. It received 283 submissions, of which 58 were accepted, including 9 in the industrial track. WonderWeb presented 6 papers at this conference, including a paper in the industrial track co-authored with members of the industrial board.

Ian Horrocks was program chair of ISWC2003. Steffen Staab was responsible for metadata and markup — in a novel move, the conference required all abstracts to be annotated with semantic markup describing the content of the papers. Several other project members served on the Program Committee.

ISWC2004 was held in Hiroshima in November. Frank van Harmelen was the General Chair of the conference. Again, there was a strong showing from project members.

Cross-Project Activities

The infrastructure produced within WonderWeb is being adopted by a number of Industrial Advisory Board members such as Boeing, IBM, Sun and Nomos. In addition, organisations like the UN/FAO are investigating the use of the WonderWeb foundational ontologies. Universities including Oxford, Bremen, Leipzig, Queensland and Torino are taking up WonderWeb technology and it is occupying a key position in other EU and national projects like SEKT, MONET, GEODISE, CO-ODE and MyGrid.

The tools produced from the project are available as open source projects and have now seen tens of thousands of downloads.

Keynotes and Invited Presentations

Keynotes and invited presentations play an important role in disseminating the work of the project. Members of the project have given a number of keynotes and invited talks:


Tutorials can help in educating the community about recent developments. Several tutorials have been given to conferences and both academic and industrial institutions: