Members of the project consortium are already leading the effort to develop a Web standard ontology language, working in cooperation with the USA DAML initiative and the W3C consortium, they are also leading developers of Web tools and technologies and they have been leading the development of the OIL Ontology Inference Layer, an XML- and RDF-based ontology representation layer, developed in the IST-project ON-TO-KNOWLEDGE, which is already having a major impact on the American DAML programme.

The project consortium will be made up of full partners and industrial advisory partners. Full partners will be responsible for the research and development work outlined below. The number of full partners is deliberately small in order to maximise coherency and cooperation while at the same time minimising costs.

Full Partners

Industrial Advisory Board

The project's industrial advisory board will include leading providers and users of Web technology. The function of the industrial advisory board will be:

A small number of industrial advisory partners will, in addition, act as test sites for the tools and ontologies developed in the project.

The membership of the advisory board is as follows: